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So You’re Lookin For A P90X2 Preview

There’s nothing worse then spending money on something only to get it, open it up, and discover it’s not what you wanted or discover it didn’t live up to your expectations. Avoiding that from happening is the purpose of this ULTIMATE P90X2 PREVIEW. At $119.85 for the base kit, P90X2 is a fairly costly in home workout program. Therefore, before you buy get all the facts and make sure it’s what’s right for you.

Staring off with the original P90X2 trailer that came out in June to pump you up, the preview follows with short snipets of most P90X2 DVD workouts. These 1 minute long trailers will give you just a taste of what each P90X2 DVD will bring, a few sample exercises and an idea of the equipment that shows up the most. ENJOY!

Oh and if you choose to go ahead and preorder P90X2, simply click the preorder button at the bottom of the page to get free shipping and two bonus workouts from the P90X one on one series.

The P90X2 Commercial

P90X2 Total Body DVD Preview

10 minute trainer abs

P90X2 Preview – X2 Shoulders and Arms Workout

P90X2 Preview – P.A.P Upper Workout

P90X2 Preview – P.A.P Lower Workout

P90X2 Preview – X2 Core Workout

P90X Preview – X2 Base and Back Workout

P90X2 Preview- X2 Yoga Workout Preview

P90X2 Preview – X2 V-Sculpt Workout

P90X2 Preview- X2 Chest Shoulders Triceps Workout

P90X2 Preview- X2 Balance and Power Workout

P90X2 Preview – X2 Chest, Back and Balance

P90X2 Preview – X2 Recovery and Mobilty Workout




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  • Rudy
    Posted September 21, 2011 at 1:34 pm | Permalink

    Lovely video’s. Thanks for sharing, this will improve my training schedule!

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