10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex Review


10-Minute Trainer Yoga Flex Review

Review By Fitness Editor: James Atkins

Ahhh….Yoga Flex. A refreshing 10 minute workout that seems to just encapsulate the feeling you strive to get after any workout. This workout is by far my favorite of the five 10 Minute Trainer workouts in the series. The reason is because A) Anyone can do it and feel good after doing it and B) it’s just the right amount of Yoga for beginners to keep engaged, not tire out, and avoid boredom.

This workout is ideal for an older individual who doesn’t have the stamina to keep up with one of the other 10 minute workouts. My case in point is my father in-law who’s in his late 50′s. He’s an athletic man who plays golf and is in pretty good shape. He however has a hard time keeping up with carido workouts or anything that involves a resistance band. The solution? 10 Minute Trainer Yoga Flex all the way. It keeps him limber, get’s his heart rate up, and gives him the satisfaction that he engaged in some type of physically challenging exercise for the day.

Yoga Flex – A Great Intro To Yoga

For many new exercisers and even some seasoned ones Yoga can be a real challenge. Those who are familiar with P90X understand quite well that being athletic and “in shape” doesn’t necessarily mean yoga will come naturally to you. It can be a darn hard form of exercise to master. This is what makes the 10 minute trainers Yoga flex routine so strong. It’s a short 10 minutes worth of yoga and stretch moves to help you build up stamina and get limber.

Click Below To Sample 10 Minute Trainer

10 minute trainer abs

1st. Sun Salutations – A god solid minute of sun salutations (yoga) which then turns into a few seconds of downward dog.

2nd. Split-Leg Hamstring Stretch – A nice standard inner thigh stretch here (not yoga based).

3nd. Runners Pose Side Lunges – Standard runners pose which turns into a side lunge for 30 seconds on each side.


4th. Right Angle Pose – One minute total in this pose, 30 seconds on each side. More of a yoga move here versus a straight stretch

5th. Warrior 2/Reverse Warrior – Yoga moves warrior 2 and reverse warrior done sequentially for a minute.

6th. Hamstring Stretch – Sitting with one leg in and one out with arms up then fall into your leg. 30 seconds each leg.

7th. Wide Leg & Cobbler Stretch – Sit with legs spread wide, push torso towards floor, then go into cobbler where toes are together knees flaring out.

8th. Pigeon Stretch – Great stretch for the buttocks and groin to inner thigh. 30 seconds on each stretch.

9th. Torso Twist – Sitting look to right and drop legs to left “twisting” the torso at the waist.

10th. Cat/Camel Stretch & Childs Pose – On all fours raising and lowering torso.

This workout is one that you really don’t want to be over. The DVD fades out and goes into the main menu and you’re left standing wanting more, IT’S THAT GOOD! Yoga flex is definitely the brightest spot in the 10 minute trainer program. Ideal for anyone from children to seniors and everyone in between.

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