Les Mills Pump Review | All Hype or BodyPump Worthy Results?

Les Mills PUMP Review – Is It Worthy To Carry The Les Mills Name?

Les Mills PUMP Kit Review

Let me first begin this review by stating: “I HAVE NOT YET PERSONALLY TRIED LES MILLS PUMP.” Now that I have made that abundantly clear, you may be wondering how it is I can offer a review of the program. What this particular Les Mills PUMP review will be about is less the “incredible results” and “first hand experience” of an actual user and more of the what you get when you buy it, real customer feedback about it, and statistical sales numbers that hopefully will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not to purchase it. After all, the shear fact that you are here reading this review, lends itself to the fact you are considering it as your new workout of choice.

First Things First…What You Get With Les Mills PUMP

If you’ve done any research whatsoever about this workout program you already know it comes with seven DVDs in the base kit with three more “advanced workouts” that can be found in the ultimate kit. This is not rocket science. Most DVD in home workout programs actually come with DVDs. Most workouts also feature a main fitness instructor that becomes the brand name and reputation behind it. This single “Amazing Fitness Instructor” becomes the face behind the brand and can become synonymous with the very name of the program they invented. For instance P90X is Tony Horton, Tae Bo is Billy Blanks, Slim in 6 is Debbie Siebers, and last but not least, Sweatin To The Oldies is by none other than Richard Simmons.

What you might not know about Les Mills PUMP is that there is no single trainer at the helm. Les Mills PUMP is uniquely presented by an All Star Team of Master Trainers and program Directors. Beachbody LLC and Les Mills Int’l chose the best BodyPUMP instructors from around the world to create and instruct Pump. A total of 14 instructors collaborated together and are featured in this workout of which two have the last name Mills. Click Here to meet the All Star Team.

Second Things Second….Is that Even A Saying?

What are people who purchased Les Mills Pump actually saying about this program? I’ll admit, it’s hard to find unbiased reviews. The most obvious place to find reviews would be from the website you bought it from, but then you have to wonder if those reviews are doctored in any way, and if they only display the good ones.

Other websites that at first glance seem to offer unbiased reviews, usually end up being tied to the program monetarily somehow. They may receive financial support from the parent company or they are a distributor as well as user. There intentions may be well, but still it would be hard for them to truly be unbiased.

All I can say in this department, is that as someone who owns a retail website that sells in home workout routines like Les Mills PUMP, feedback from our customers about the workout programs they buy is always given. Even if it’s not so good. The feedback we at Fitness Body Online have received about Les Mills PUMP has been nothing but the best. To our surprise in fact. What’s really ridiculous is even when on the rare occasion a customer gets the program and it comes with a defective piece of equipment like the barbell didn’t fit right or the safety clip breaks after a little use, they never want to send it back. In fact it’s quite the opposite, typically the customer (once we’ve resolved their initial issue) is so PUMPED (no pun intended) about the program, they buy extra equipment or end up getting the advanced workouts. They just can’t seem to get enough of it.

Third Things Third….What The Numbers Reveal

It’s already been mentioned that we at Fitness Body Online sell the Les Mills PUMP program. Over the course of just three short months it has quickly risen to the top as one of our best sellers of all time. You shouldn’t base your decision to buy Les Mills PUMP on whether it’s a big seller or not. This we understand. What number you SHOULD base your decision on is whether people choose to return it or not. That’s the real testimony of any product.

We thought we shared with you some numbers. Les Mills PUMP is not just one of our best sellers of all time. It’s leading all of our fitness programs in least amount of returns. Let us put it this way. If someone buys the program, they keep it. Of course, out of the hand full of times it has been returned, it’s usually been because of reasons not related to the workout routine itself. Perhaps someone changed their mind while it was in transit, or the shipping took longer than expected, or some other unrelated event. What we can confidently say, is that no one returns Les Mills PUMP because it isn’t any good! No one.

If you feel you’d like to learn a little more about the program because you’re interested in buying it, click the Les Mills PUMP link here to be taken to our sales page. This page will give you detailed information about the costs of the programs and what options come in each kit.

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    Thanks for the information. It helps a lot of people searching like this post.

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    I LOVE BP!!!!!! I’m amazed how flexible I’ve become. I can almost do the splits. I scared the crap out of my teachers whenever I try that. I even take an arobics class as well.

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